Beware of Ministry Tunnel Vision

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It's really easy for us as leaders to get tunnel vision around me and my ministry. Now you know what tunnel vision is? Tunnel vision is what eye doctors say you have when you can't see what's going on around the peripheral; you only see what is straight ahead. It's easy, easy, easy, and I get it, to keep my peripheral vision. All I see is my ministry and what I am doing. It's easy to not give a lot of attention to my pastor's vision for what he's doing and his vision for the entire church. How much time am I spending filling this bucket right here?

Now I know it's hard. Some of you, you may work for a pastor that is not very relational. Maybe you work for a pastor that's difficult to talk to or awkward to talk to. Or maybe you are a larger church, and you just don't spend much time with your pastor because of the structure of your church. Maybe you've got a pastor that's super, super high relational, but just doesn't talk about his vision very much, so you've got to read between the lines. 

Here's the thing about pastors: pastors normally don't share their vision in staff meeting. Pastors don't normally share their vision with you one on one or at Starbucks. They normally share their vision from the pulpit on Sundays, which creates a huge, huge problem for those of us that are in the back on Sundays, right? We're not hearing what the pastor says, so we've got to make sure we are doing whatever it takes. If that means watching the sermon online the next week, or listening to it on the podcast on my drive to work the next couple of days, going out of my way to my pastor and saying, "I know you're really busy, but can I just get 15 minutes with you every other week? I want to make sure I'm connected to what's going on in your heart, where you're at with your preaching ministry, and where the needs of the people are." 

Here's the thing I've learned: it's a lot easier to get your pastor excited about your vision when he knows that you're excited about his vision, and you're on the same page.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank