Choose to Be Jesus to Someone

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Yesterday was one of those days in the Frank home. We took our girls back to school. Back to school, it's always such an emotional day on all different levels because the kids are excited for the most part. Mom and dad are a little excited about getting back into the routine of things. But it was an emotional one for us especially because our youngest was going into kindergarten, and she had a little apprehension. She was excited, had a little apprehension. Well I took a one daughter to one school, and Beth took our kindergartener to kindergarten. She sat down and her teacher came up to her. There was a girl right around the table across from her that was a little upset and was having a hard time. At that time, Beth heard her teacher whisper down to our little Lily saying, "Lily, I need you to be Jesus to that girl over there."

Now this isn't a Christian school; this is a public school. We know the teacher. She is a dear Christian lady, and we have become friends with their family over the years. But I loved that, and Lily just looked up and smiled. That simple reality of just being Jesus to somebody could revolutionize our lives. Just if every day I chose to be Jesus to somebody, to reach out to someone that creeps me out. To pay attention to someone that everyone else is ignoring. To love somebody that's unlovable; to listen to somebody who others would shut out. Just be Jesus.

What can you do today, friend, to be Jesus to someone? How can you be Jesus to your spouse? How can you be Jesus to your kids? How can you be Jesus to your coworkers? How can you be Jesus to a stranger that you see when you're pumping gas at the gas station? I'm telling you what, if we would just choose everyday to be Jesus to someone, it could really change everything.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank