Plan Your Time & Be Productive

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If I took a look at your to do list., what would I find? Would I find a short list or a long list? Would I find things that have been on there for weeks, maybe months? Here's the thing, I love studying productivity and if you've watched very many of my videos, or read much of my content, or attended any of my stuff, you know that I love to help leaders and people like yourself accomplish more and accomplish what really matters. But here's the problem, we overthink it. Sometimes I get questions like, "Ryan, what platform should I use? What software should I use? What systems should I use?" And listen, there are great systems, there's great software, there are great apps, but here's the danger in asking questions like that. You overthink it. Sometimes getting things done is as simple as prioritizing and going in that order.

Warren Buffet talked about this one time. I just read it in a book a week or two back where he said, "you just simply make a list of what you need to do each day. Start with the most important at the top, and refuse to go to the next item until you get the very first thing done." Cross it off. Move to number two. Refuse to go to number three until you get number two done then move to number three. See how simple that is. Setting priorities, refusing to move ahead until I get the most important things done first. What do you need to do to be more productive? Maybe it's as simple as making a fresh to-do list every day, and determining what is important and what is a really, really urgent. By the way, those are two very different things.

What is important, and what is urgent? We are bombarded with urgent things to do, but they aren't always that important. If you are wise, you will learn to decipher between the two. What are the really important things and what are the urgent things that keep coming at me. Prioritize those important things, and then do what Warren Buffet said. Maybe just make a simple list every day, and commit to going in order. I'm going to do the first thing first, then the second, and then the third, then the fourth, if I have time. When you are really focused on prioritizing your tasks, you'll be amazed at how much more you get done. But what we do by default is we just sit down and we just think we will start working on this or this. Then we get distracted with our phone, and we get distracted by Facebook. Or we get distracted by the Facebook marketplace, or shopping over on this site, and talking to somebody over here. Only to get to the end of the day like, wow, I was busy, but I didn't get much done. Start prioritizing your tasks, friends. It'll make a big difference.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank