Social Media Strategy Tip #1 - Schedule It

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When am I going to post to social media? Here's why having a schedule is good: first of all, it will keep you from spending too much time on social media for some of you that may need some help with that. Second, for some of you that haven't been posting much on social media, but you would like to do that, it's a way to help you get in the habit or into the routine of posting on social media. So get into a schedule. There's no right or wrong way to do this. Maybe for you, it's, I'm going to do this first thing in the morning. Maybe for some of you I'm going to do it late at night. Maybe for some of you I'm going to do it at lunch. Maybe some of you are going to choose five times during the day. I'm going to do my best at nine, eleven, one, three and five to say something or check in on social media. 

It really depends on what you were wanting to accomplish and how, but I think having a schedule helps you. I kind of have chosen for the most part that I don't do social media the first several hours of every day. I don't wake up and look at Facebook.  I don't check Facebook in the morning first thing when I get to the office. I don't scroll through Instagram. I wait for a while because otherwise I have a tendency of getting sucked in. Here's why: because I love to read your comments. I really do. I love to go through I Love Kidmin and read what are people saying? How are they commenting? What are people struggling with? I love to read the comments on my videos that I post and on the things that we put on Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat and all of our different channels. 

I love reading your comments and if I read your comments right when I wake up, I'll never get out of bed. If I read your comments as soon as I get to my desk in the morning, I'll never get anything else done for the first two or three hours of the day. So I choose those first few hours of the day to do the most important things I have determined that I need to get done that day because I'm normally thinking my best first thing in the morning, and then I schedule some times later in the day to check social media. You need to have a schedule and it'll help keep  you from spending too much time on social media and it will help you get into a routine.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank