Remember the Holy Spirit Lives Within You

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Remember, the Holy Spirit lives within you. Remember, the Holy Spirit lives within you.  Paul in Second Corinthians chapter 12 verse 9 and 10 (I read it again this morning), boasted in his weaknesses because he knew when I am weak, He is strong. Remember, friend, you are not alone. You're not alone. I do not want you leading your children's ministry in your power. We're talking about returning to the basics and getting some fresh insights. A lot of us say that this ministry is the Lord's, but we act as if it is all our own. We say that the church is Christ, yet we act as if it all is on our shoulders. Listen, we have the most powerful being in the universe that resides within us if you're a Christian and it's the Holy Spirit. 

I read a story recently about a Korean pastor who visited the United States and was asked what he thought of the American church and here's what he replied. He said it's amazing what the church in America can do without the Holy Spirit. Ouch. I don't want that to be said of my ministry. I don't want that to be said of your ministry. It's amazing what so-and-so can do without the power of the Holy Spirit. I don't want that said of you and I don't want that said of me. We have the Holy Spirit that we need to be leaning in on. We do not want to be grieving Him in our life. We want the Holy Spirit of God to flow in and through us. Remember, apart from Him, what does the scripture say? We can do nothing!

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank