What is Leadership?

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You know, here's the problem with leaders and that is we overthink way too much. And you've done it, we overthink things. Just the word leader itself. So somebody asks you, what's a leader? And we think, “Oh my word, what's the Webster definition, the John Maxwell definition of leadership?” And we think leadership, okay, leadership is influence. Leadership is leading. Leadership is, well, it's got to include this and this, and we way overthink it. 

Earlier today I was talking to Sam Chand, one of the greatest coaches in my life. If you've been around me very long, you've heard me talk about Sam Chand. He said, "Ryan, in my opinion, leadership is others. It's just others." I love that because it's so simple. There are way too many pastors that don't think they're leaders. There are way too many moms and dads that don't think they're leaders, way too many students in high school, in middle school, who don't think they're leaders. Well, you know what? If you view leadership as just others, loving other people, trying to help other people, being the hands and feet of Jesus to other people, it'll make a huge difference. Don't overthink it. When we over think things like this, we get in trouble, right? It's way, way, way simpler than we often make it out to be.

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Ryan Frank