Use Your Spiritual Gifts

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Your spiritual gifts are those abilities that the Holy Spirit gives you when you come to Christ as your Savior. They are given for the purpose of ministering to other people. They are given for the purpose of building up the body of Christ. Every Christian, every born again believer is given at least one spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit at conversion, or when you come to know Christ. How many spiritual gifts are there? I think there are 19. You know, some people say there's 18 spiritual gifts. I've read people that have said there's 20 spiritual gifts. I think most people agree when you study the New Testament, there's 18 or 19 spiritual gifts. 

My purpose today is not to unpack these spiritual gifts for you, as much as just to remind you that when you come to Christ, these spiritual gifts are different than your abilities that you're born with. These are the things God has wired you to do. For some people you have the gift of administration and leadership. Some people have the gift of hospitality; they're very hospitable. Some have the gift of teaching, preaching, some have the gift of shepherding. There are these spiritual gifts and we each have one and we need to understand what our spiritual gift is and be good with that spiritual gift and recognize that it takes everybody in the body of Christ using their spiritual gifts to do God's work effectively.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank