Social Media Strategy Tip #3 - Be Real

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Be real. This is one of the neatest things about social media; it gives you a chance to be real. One of the biggest disadvantages you have if you're a pastor is that there is the word pastor before your name. I shouldn't say it's a disadvantage; I should say that it can work against you because it can be a stumbling block or a wall. It can create an invisible wall with people.

"Your Pastor Ryan? Your Pastor Stephanie? Your Pastor Jim?" Because you're a pastor, in a lot of people's minds, especially outside of the church, you are UN relatable. Even the people inside of the church, that title "pastor" can make you unrelatable because of these misperceptions of who's a pastor and who am I? So here's a beautiful thing: you might be a pastor, right? But when you can be on social media, let's people see that you are real. That you are authentic. That yes, I'm pastor, but I'm a real person just like you, and I've got a family and these are some of my thoughts. It allows you to be vulnerable, which you have to be careful how vulnerable you become and who you become vulnerable with. But the most beautiful thing about social media for leaders, it allows you to be authentic and it allows you to be real.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank