Put People in the Driver's Seat!

Put People in the Driver's Seat.png

You know, one of the great opportunities that we have as a leader that we often neglect and forget about is the ability to let somebody else step up and lead. As leaders, as kid’s pastors, as ministry leaders, as managers, whether it’s in the secular or in the sacred, the ministry or the market place, when you’re leading, it’s easy to just want to grab that steering wheel and be in charge and not let go. But you’ve got to get to where you move people from the backseat, to the passenger seat, to the driver’s seat. And you’ve got to give up the wheel, hand over the keys, and let someone lead. And you know what? They may hit a curb along the way, but you are in good hands. You are releasing leaders.

So, let me ask you this. How well are you doing releasing leaders? Maybe you’ve got a lot of people sitting in the back seat, and it’s been a while since you moved them to the passenger seat where they can get a closer look at what you’re doing. Maybe it’s been a while since you let them sit in that driver’s seat and take the keys. Maybe you look around and you’re like, “Man, my backseat’s empty. I don’t have anybody in the backseat.” Maybe what you need to do is get some people in the backseat, and you need to start thinking about recruiting volunteers. And then once you’ve got them in the backseat, you develop those volunteers. Recruiting volunteers is half the battle. You’ve got to develop those volunteers, move them into the passenger seat so they can see, then move them into the driver’s seat, give them the keys, give them the steering wheel and let them go.

You should always be deploying leaders. I should always be deploying leaders. If I’m doing everything myself, I’m not in a good spot. It’s not healthy for you, it’s not healthy for your ministry, and it’s not healthy for your team.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank