Say Yes!

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I want to talk to you today about an important leadership lesson.  I want to try to get you to consider moving from always saying no to always saying yes.  I love to say yes, and people tease me about it because I say yes way too often.

Somebody comes to me and says can we meet and I say yes; I’ve got an idea, can I run it by you?  Yes. I’m thinking about starting this new ministry, what do you think? Yes. Should I do it? Yes!  What do you think about an article in the magazine about this? Yes. What do you think about doing a training on this? Yes.  I constantly say yes and sometimes I give myself a hard time because should I be saying yes quite that frequently?

Here's the deal, I want to say yes more than I want to say no.  I want to have a culture in my organization that welcomes innovation and encourages people to try new things and put themselves out there. Think about this- what would happen in your ministry if you just started telling your volunteers yes?  I want you to try that. What would happen if you started telling your kids yes? Of course, that needs to be to the right things. What if you started saying yes in your marriage, yes at work, yes in your ministry, yes when it comes to your health and to those goals that you have?  Morale always follows. People's morale goes up, their confidence goes up, their confidence in you goes up, their loyalty goes up, and so I want to try to say yes more than I say no.

I really think at this point in my life, I am saying yes more than I am saying no.  Hopefully, that does not come back to bite me! I will tell you this, just because you say yes at the beginning doesn’t mean you have to say yes at the end.  In other words, if one of my employees or one of my volunteers or someone on my team comes to me with an idea, I can say yes, why don’t you check into that, or yes, why don’t you do some research, or let's test it and see how it works knowing that at the end of the day the final answer does not have to be yes.  Try to say yes more than you say no, and let’s say yes this week!

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank