Ditch the Comfort Zone. Step Out.

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Hey friends, it's Ryan. I want to talk to you about the 2% factor. Here's what I mean by the 2% factor; did you know that only 2%, (I have no scientific data to back this up, but this is what I found out) only 2% of the population live outside of their comfort zone? I believe that 98 out of one hundred people live day to day in their comfort zone, and only two out of one hundred actually step outside their comfort zone and try new things. They try to become bigger and better, launch new things, and put themselves out there, and because of that they find great satisfaction and joy and who they are and what they do.

Now, I get it. There is a big, big challenge when it comes to putting yourself out there. And all of us have these areas where you feel the most safe and we feel the most secure. And areas where we feel gifted and our little bubble and our little world that we live in, but here's the thing; normally, the best things happen on the edges. And as a leader, whether your pastor; whether your business owner; or manager; or teacher; or whether your student, if you're trying to influence people, your real influence happens at the very end of your comfort zone. Right?

So where do you need to step out of your comfort zone this year? We're in a new year. Right? I've been talking to you about eating the frog first. Mark Twain said that if you eat a live frog first thing every morning, nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day. Some of the you need to identify that frog, that frog is that one thing you need to start doing to get out of your comfort zone because is there that you will really go to a new level.

How do I get out of my comfort zone? That's a really great question. There's no one silver bullet, no one pill you can take and boom you're out of your comfort zone. Here is what I would encourage you to do if you want to get out of your comfort zone; that is to look at what you want to do or who do you want to become, and what are some steps I can take to get there, and start taking those steps. Normally, it's the first step that's the hardest. And I found that once you take that first step then you go to step two and then step three, it gets so much easier, but you've got to take that first step. What's the frog that you need to eat? Maybe it's that first step, right? Maybe you’ve always wanted a podcast, you’ve always wanted to have a vlog or blog. Or maybe you've wanted to do more public speaking, or maybe you have a book inside of you that you want to write. Maybe you’ve wanted to start a new business, or maybe there are some financial goals you have set and you want to work towards. Maybe it has to do with your personal health, but to get there you have to get out of your comfort zone. Eat that frog. Right? Identify some steps, then take that first step.

Your influence: your greatest influence, your greatest leadership, and your greatest legacy will always live at the edge of your comfort zone, so push yourself. Surround yourself with others that will take you to a new level. Surround yourself with others that will stretch you outside of your comfort zone. This is why I like hanging around people that are smarter than me, right? I like hanging around people that dream bigger than me because it pushes me forward, and it gets me out of my comfort zone.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank