How to Earn Extra Credit

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Do you want to earn some extra credit? Remember being in school and earning extra credit? I’m going to tell you how you can earn some extra credit whether you're a pastor, whether you are an employee, whether you own a small business, whether you teach, whether you're self-employed.  I’m going to tell you how to earn extra credit as a spouse, as a parent, as a member of a community. You earn extra credit when you learn to give others the credit. You earn relational equity in extra credit every time you learn to defer credit to another.

Every day you have the opportunity to either look into a mirror or to look into a window. When I look into a mirror, I look at myself and I give myself the credit and I want everybody else to see me.  If I'm looking into a window, I am looking out at my team and those around me and I am giving them the credit. Resist the urge to take the credit. Resist the temptation to be in the spotlight and turn that spotlight onto your team.  I was always told as a kid that if you're good at something, you’ll never have to tell anybody else, they'll just know.

So often in ministry and in leadership we become so consumed with getting the credit.  Here’s the reality- God’s kingdom, your ministry, your work, your family will grow if you don’t care who receives the credit.  Everything you touch will grow! So, as the leader of a team, as a pastor, as a boss, as a manager, as a business owner, as a supervisor, as an influencer, defer the credit. You should constantly give away praise and credit and you should take blame. If you'll get those two things down- I give credit and I take blame- all of a sudden, your credibility and your relational equity will begin to skyrocket  with those that you serve.

No one really enjoys serving with someone who wants to be in the spotlight and who takes the credit for what the team does.  I remember in college and in high school, I hated group projects because there was always one person in the group that wanted to take the credit for the overall work of the entire team.  Don’t be that person that demands the credit. Instead, defer the credit and here's what will happen. When you give others credit, your leadership and your influence will grow tenfold, maybe twentyfold or more.  When you begin to deflect the praise and you begin to deflect the credit and you put that on to your team. Don’t look in a mirror, look through a window!

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank