You Need Community

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Let me tell you what I love about leaders.  I love it about pastors, business owners, people who are trying to make things happen and lead people and do things. I love that they're so busy because they get things done and they launch products and they launch ministries and they build teams. What I hate about this same group of people is that they're so busy. They're trying to do this and do that and get this done and get that done and it's good to be busy, but it can also be a great great detriment to be busy.

There are a lot of things that are neglected in the busy life. Let’s focus on one for today. When you are living the busy life, it is so easy to forget about your need for community.  Did you know that God wired you (this goes back to Adam and Eve) to have a basic human need and it is you need a community. You need to be a part of a group of like-minded people who share your values, who are going after the things that you are going after, who are doing what you want to do that you enjoy.  Yet as leaders, we get to running so fast, it’s like we live on a different plane and we value the individual life and lifestyle. I’m my own man, I'm my own girl, I'm getting things done. But, it can cost us over the long haul.

We live in a society and in a culture that not only embraces individualism, but really puts individualism up on a pedestal.  The problem with that is that God has not created you to just be an individual living by yourself, He has created you for community. There are so many benefits that come when you are part of a community. There is mutual accountability, there is mutual encouragement; it's a safe place to share what your struggles are and what your victories are. It’s a great place to brainstorm and to get creative ideas, but if you are not intentional as a leader, you will not surround yourself and place yourself in a community that will provide that for you.

What can you do today, what can you do this week? I talk a lot about eating the frog first. Mark Twain said if you eat a live frog first thing every morning that nothing worse will happen the rest of the day. So what's that live frog you need to eat? For some of you, you need to make some new friends, maybe you need to go to coffee with another business owner in town, maybe you need to make some friends with some other pastors in your area, maybe you need to create a network, or be a part of prayer team or Bible study. I am telling you that there is danger in doing life and leadership alone. You need community; eat the frog.  

Look at what you can do today, where you can go this week to place yourself in a community of like-minded people that are going to help you go where you want to go  and where you need to be. There's an old Zulu proverb that says that a person is not a person without other people. What and who are the other people in your life? Work this week at surrounding yourself with those people, building that community in your life, not only for the value that you'll receive, but for the great value that you can place into other people.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank