Don’t Be Afraid To Take The Risk

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If you're going to attempt to do something great in life, whether it's in the business world or whether it's in the ministry world, any area of life, great is going to come with a risk, right? Most people that have great wealth have taken risks. Those people that have built great ministries have taken risk. Most fortune 500 CEOs have taken risks, and people don't get this; they have failed along the way. If you look at people in the Bible that are Bible heroes you may think, "oh, they've got a lot of success stories," but they also failed. They also took risks. If you look at modern history, if you look at churches that are really, really doing great and growing, get this, they took risks, and sometimes they failed. But listen, they chose that failure over comfort. 

They chose progress over perfection. They knew that they wanted to move forward, and they wanted their ministry to move forward. They wanted their life to go forward, and they wanted the church to go forward. So they were willing to take some risks.

Now, don't take stupid risks, right? There is such a thing as God's given you a brain in your head. He has said that there is safety in the multitude of counselors. He talked about nobody goes out and starts building towers or building barns without counting the costs. Unless he wants everybody to look at him and laugh, and he feels ashamed. So you do need to take calculated risks, and you need to be wise, but you do need to be willing to take risks.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank