Build It

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Build it, whatever it is. Whether it's a new product, whether it's a new program, whether it's a new service, whether it's a new system, we are going to build it. I'm not gonna build it all myself. No. You need champions. You need ministry champions. I would never build a new ministry without a champion. You know, Rick Warren at Saddleback Church; I talked about this. I've heard him teach this several times, that you don't start a new ministry without a minister. Now, there are different ways to approach this, and I'm not saying you have to. Some people say if you want to start a ministry, just start it, and guess what will follow. The minister will follow. If you build something, they'll come. But then there are others that say, "Nah, you know what? You ought to start with the minister, and then build it and start." You can wrestle through that with yourself, but I kind of lean toward the opinion that you don't want to start a ministry without a minister.

I think the real important thing is that you aren't doing this all yourself. If you're going to build something, you build it with a team and in the context of a team. You need a team, right? Maybe you are an idea person. Well, that's great. You know what? The church needs more idea people. Maybe you're a "wow" person, that's great, but you know "wow" people, they need "how" people. "Wow" people need people that are going to actually show how to do it, and get it done. Maybe you're a pioneer. Maybe you're a starter. That's great. The problem with starters is that starters aren't always sustainers. You study the New Testament. The Apostle Paul, he started a bunch of churches and then he moved on. He was a starter, right? He was a church planter, and maybe you are the builder. If you're going to start it, you need a sustainer. You need a minister. You need a champion. You need a team. Don't go at it alone.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank