Have a Plan, Be Organized, and Keep Your Volunteers Happy

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If you're going to keep high capacity volunteers, you need to do this. You need to get organized and have a plan. Do you feel like you're organized? Yes or no? I'm not going to give you a hard time if you're not organized. I just want to know. Do you feel like you are naturally organized or not? If you're not, it doesn't mean that you're bad or that anybody else is better than you. The good thing is that you can learn to get more organized, right? And some of you have learned this truth that you can learn to get more organized. If you don't find yourself naturally organized, then what you need to do is you need to surround yourself with people that are. Why? Because high-capacity volunteers want to be a part of something that is organized, right? 

If you are dropping the ball, if you're not organized, if you're not ready week after week, if the stuff's not there that you promised, these type of leaders will be frustrated. So get organized; have a plan. Be prepared and over-communicate. Set those people up to succeed. That's all; that's what I mean by getting organized and having a plan. You have a plan; you work the plan. You have a plan; you work the plan. If you have a challenge coming up with the plan, you surround yourself with people that will help you come up with a plan and work the plan. It's really as simple as that.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank