Remember Your Calling

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You remember when God called you to children's ministry? There is power in remembering your calling. Why? Because your calling is what keeps you going, right? There are days that I want to quit and I know there are days you want to quit. You're thinking, "Yeah, every Monday morning," right? Every Sunday night. But your calling keeps you going. I remember there were several years and I've talked about this before, but there were several years where I really struggled with what I was doing in children's ministry. I had people coming to me at the church saying, "Ryan, why doesn't the pastor let you preach more? When are they gonna make you the youth pastor? Ryan, why don't you have your own church? Ryan, why are you back with the kids every Sunday?" And those questions, the Lord really used those questions for a while to get me to question some things. 

I remember sitting in a conference listening to a speaker speak, and I remember writing in my notebook at this conference that until my gifts change or until my calling changes or until I die, I'm a children's pastor. You know what, ever since then, I've been confident in my calling, and I want that for you. Maybe what has gotten you discouraged is not the voice of people in your congregation asking you why you don't get to preach more. Maybe it's your own insecurities. Maybe it's your own fears. Maybe it's your own doubts. Maybe these are voices coming from within. Maybe these are voices coming from without. 

What I want you to do is I want you to remember your calling. In fact, here's your assignment today, should you choose to accept it, okay? This isn't a pass or fail and I'm not going to embarrass you if you don't do this. But I would love for you sometime today, maybe just in six or eight sentences type out what is your calling? What did your calling to children's ministry look like? What did your calling to children's ministry look like? And I want you to type it out because it's good to remember your calling. Maybe for some of you, it's been a while since you remembered when you felt like God called you to this. Maybe it started because a pastor asked you to start. Maybe it started because nobody else would do it. But then there was that Sunday or there was that service, or there was that time with the Lord where you really felt like, this is my ministry. I'd love to read some of your stories.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank